Ice Cream philosophy

But yet they werent moved on. Still.

   Do u ever watch a movie, with a scene that show an actor or actress in a visualization of depression (or other negative feeling)., there is always a music there as a companion..sometimes the music theme were contradictive with the negative/bad feeling visualization. Such as “Losing a friend” kind of feeling with a “happy-togetherness” kind of music/lyrics, so to make the feeling more harsh, just like if you have a knife-cut and somebody put a drop of vinegar in the cut.*painful

Life seems hard, but the good music go on, still.

   There’s time, that I met this Ice cream guy. This ice cream guy (those who sold ice cream), with an oldschool bycycle, with his small box of ice cream, and an ice cream’s song. You know, the cheerful kind of song. The song that always attract the consumtive side of a little girl/boy.
He drove his beloved, 2 wheeled MoneyMaker in the sideroad of Cileunyi’s Highway.  That’s really a typical low funding Ice Cream reseller. I wasn’t wanted the ice cream. I just thought that, this dark-funny imagination, seeing the bitter smile in his face. I assume because of the complexion of tiredness and hasn’t sold enough ice cream, he still strugglingly “mengayuh” his bicycle, with (again) those cheerful kid kind of song. Ironic.

You know the feeling, just like when you feeling blue, but you’re in a middle of happy crowd.

No matter cheerful the musictone was seems, the song didn’t felt as happy as ever in my ear (or should I say in my heart –exaggerating does not?-).
It was really hot that day, but no one seem interested to bought that ice cream, and I wasn’t carrying enough money to bought one, so just to make his “scene” look better.

Life seems hard, still, but the cheerful music go on.

   What IceCream guy has experienced in, it’s a commonthing. Its happen to everyone, in daily. People just doesn’t noticed. Like the music, Earth wont stop rotating just because we fired from a job. Like the music, Your friend’s career has leveling up, when you struggling with your own career. Like the music, your businness rival were moving to a bigger store , while you still struggling with yours one and only. I’m not trying to be a pessimistic here. But I asking us to see in a different way. Complaining is no use, people has the same hour, has the same daylight. You cannot stop the time, you aged, people move on, lifes move on. They wont wait you.


Oh yes, the story about the Ice Cream guy not finished yet.
Looking toward me the IceCream Guy, didn’t know what he was thinking.
But, he was smilling, and took a rainbowlook ice cream.
Came toward me, with a different smile, and gave the ice cream.

“This is for you, young guy. You seems thirsty.”

Looking on my full of question face, he just insisted to gave the ice cream

“Don’t worry, its free.”

I taken it.

He seems happy.
But, why I wasn’t.

Nb : Pardon my English. This writing is just my self-evaluation


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