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Pay attention to those person that you want to be married to. On how he/she treat his/her family. Eventually that’s how they will treat you. @LifeHacks

I have this thought about this kind of interesting marriage behaviour, occasionally, “this” behaviour (as those whom been married said) start after several years, maybe 10 and so , after the marriage. That’s always a talk about those married couple doesn’t look as happy, romantic as before. There’s always a joke that ilustrating that couple before marriage walking around holding hands, after marriage (long years marriage) walking around, don’t bother holding hands, they walk together but seems like an outsider of each. And so they say. But I wonder, can we do something to prevent it.

Why you ask? Yes you, with the thick eyebrows.

They are the same people that we love so much in the earlier stage of each “stage”. Remember when we child, that we cry when our parent arent there when we open our eyes, I correlated that into the stage of the newly weds. It has the same electryfing feeling.
And because the way we look at our parent, the way feel toward them, have the same feel, the same sensation toward the long married wife.

How come, you said? Yes you, with the high voice.

This negative comfortness child-parent behaviour. because we tend to feel bored (not exactly the word that I want wrote, but can’t find another) toward our parent, we feel safe, feel too comfortable.

“what ever we do, they still our parent, they always support us toward bad thing, they wont leave us, they accept us as who we are.
We tend to forgot to appreciate them.”

Same as the husband/wife, there will come the time when the sensation of newly weds couple decreasing (my friend whom capable on biogenetics said its all about of chemical matter on our body, emm ok)  and slowly comes to the same stage as negative comfortness child-parent behaviour. If there is no strong commitment.

The suggestion are..
Commited is a must. And if we want to really feel it.
Simply love, be sweet, be smooth, be talkative toward our parent/family member from now and on, people.
If you are not used, try.
If you can’t, than you aren’t try your best.

You will see the difference. InsyaAllah.

Anyone share the same opinion?

Nb :
I dont have psychology background and such, never been married, its mere assumption and lookin at other experience. Just sharing a thought.


Long time blog draft, March 2013

The smooth talker (img source : The Muslim Show)

The smooth talker (img source : The Muslim Show) 



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